Our assessments are a great way to kick-start your healthy exercise routine, to help you achieve your goals quicker! We recommend an assessment is done prior to the commencement of either personal or group training, so we can provide diet, lifestyle, stretching, and/or movement recommendations to enhance your results.

You may have a current or past injury that you want rehabilitation for and strengthened through exercise, or you may just want a more comprehensive plan for your diet, stretching or exercise routine. View our various assessment options:


Nutritional Health Check

  • A 60 minute consultation and review of your 3 day food diary
  • 45 minutes for Trainer to write a personalised nutrition guide with resources


Goal setting session, basic nutritional review and body measurements -

  • You have a goal in mind, and you want a measurable way of seeing your achievements, with instruction on how to achieve your goals sooner.
  • 30 minute initial consultation with measurments and photos
  • 30 for Trainer to write a basic personalised guide and resources
  • 15 minute for re-measurements in 12 weeks

Injury management and prevention (including: postural Screening, basic movement analysis with joint flexibility & range of motion testing)

  • 1hr 15 minute consultation, with postural and movement analysis 
  • 30 minutes for Trainer to develop a personalised video rehabilitation/stretching/mobilisation program for you


Personalised Training Programs -  This is your own exercise program to use outside of our studio eg at home, travel, or to simply train on your own.

  • Basic program: includes goal setting, basic movement analysis (60 minute initial consultation, 30 mins program writing, 60 minute follow-up for program instruction and demostration). Includes 2 programs over 6 weeks
  •   Advanced Program: includes all of the basic program with an additional 2 programs over 6 weeks. Total of 4 programs. (60 minute consult, 45 minute program writing, 90 minute follow up and program instruction)


Comprehensive Movement, Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment:

  • 2.5 hour comprehensive assessment and consultation, which includes Nutritional health check, goal setting, movement analysis, postural and joint assessment, measurements and photographs
  • 60 minutes to create your personalised video rehabilitation/stretching/mobilisation & lifestyle program with resources


In the assessment process we will review the key fundamentals of health; Thoughts, Breathing, Hydration, Nutrition, Movement and Rhythm. Each of these areas of your life need to be addressed and balanced, in order to achieve an optimal level of health. The assessment will consist of reviewing the following:


  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  •  Breathing mechanics
  • Postural screening
  • Cranial nerve screen
  • Joint range of motion, flexibility and stability
  • Core function
  •  Muscular balance
  • Functional movement patterns

Once the assessment is completed, key priorities will be outlined. A personalised stretching, strengthening and movement program will be made, with recommendations for specific lifestyle and nutritional strategies which are important in achieving your goals. This program will be delivered to you with audio visual reference.


We also offer one-on-one personal training at a time that suits you and your schedule click here to read more about this option.

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