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  • It sounds cliché but its true: There really is no other place like Enliven! The team bring a high standard of service to everything they do: Their sessions are varied, interesting, challenging in the best possible way, and attuned to what each person needs; their awareness of the body’s innate capacity, vitality and wisdom is top notch; they are genuine in their passion for holistic health and wellness; and they walk their talk!

    Tenille. Z
  • We have been members at Enliven for over 18 months and cannot recommend them highly enough. Id had enough of the big gyms fleecing me for money while still getting no results, and since starting at Enliven were fitter and healthier than weve ever been. So much more than a boot camp, Enliven is a great community.

    Toby and Alyse. S
  • I was looking for something that would get the kgs off ASAP as I need quick results to keep me motivated! I have been taking 3 classes PW at Enliven for the last 3 weeks and have lost just over 5kgs…The workouts are excellent and whilst challenging, respectful of the limits of my body and current weight.

    Rob. B
  • Michael and Kristy operate friendly, completely unpretentious group training sessions which have increased my fitness, muscle tone and flexibility in a measurable way over a relatively short period of time. Their holistic approach to fitness and well being, with a deep knowledge base is unsurpassed in my experience of personal trainers

    Carl. R
  • Michael and the team at Enliven Fitness have a fantastic approach to health and fitness. I've tried a number of training groups and Enliven Fitness are the best by far. Each class is interesting and fun. The team at Enliven Fitness are true professionals and I recommend everyone try their classes to experience the difference

    Nigel B

Customer Reviews

"Holistic approach to well-being"

For the past 3 years, Michael and Kristy have developed my training, fitness and health beyond what I ever thought was possible. I've tried a number of other group training classes in the past, and Enliven Fitness is the best by far! Every class is carefully planned out, and each session is always different which keeps anticipation and motivation high. The attention to detail during classes is excellent. The trainers make sure your technique is correct and provide a lot of encouragement and motivation with each exercise. The expert trainers at Enliven also have fantastic knowledge of injury prevention and proper technique, which has helped me manage injuries and improve my strength and performance.

I have undertaken the Enliven "Revitalise Yourself" cleanse with Kristy, and she has provided me with excellent advice on health and nutrition. I have been able to find the right balance with diet and exercise which has allowed me to gain great results and improve my health. The holistic approach to health and well-being that Enliven provides is unsurpassed!

-Nigel. B


"They walk their talk!"

It sounds cliched but its true: There really is no other place like Enliven! The team bring a high standard of service to everything they do: Their sessions are varied, interesting, challenging in the best possible way, and attuned to what each person needs; their awareness of the body's innate capacity, vitality and wisdom is top notch; they are genuine in their passion for holistic health and wellness; and they walk their talk! In the lead up to my wedding, Michael tailored a specific training program that supported me to achieve my fitness goals, and manage the stress that came with organising the big day. It didn't come easy - he made me work (really) hard but it was well worth it in all ways. I can't recommend Enliven enough, whatever your health goals are, these guys will give you their all in helping you to achieve them.

- Tenille. Z


"One of the best decisions I've ever made!"

I was with Enliven Fitness for about 3 years, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Since the very start, Michael and Kristy understood my goals and played a huge part in helping me achieve them. Their understanding, knowledge and motivation, combined with such a diverse training program allowed me to not only reach my goals, but to genuinely enjoy the process – it was always such a pleasure to go to training! I have also been through the Cleanse program twice with Kristy, and I can honestly say it was such a great experience! Kristy was so knowledgeable and such a great support throughout the entire program and beyond – I would definitely recommend this 4 week program to anybody striving to make a positive lifestyle change.

I cannot thank them enough for their generosity, positive attitude and genuine care that I encountered throughout the whole time I was there. I cannot wait to return!

- Kirsten. M


"I now enjoy training every day"

I never liked training at a gym and in the past found it hard to get into the right exercise routine. I love chocolate and anything sweet and have tried to quit sugar many times in the past without success. Two years ago I started doing personal training sessions with Kristy at Enliven and then added in group training sessions as my fitness and confidence improved, until I was training 4-5 times per week. I also completed a cleanse with Kristy and I was able to completely get rid of my sugar cravings, something I thought would never happen! What makes Enliven different from other studios is that they are so much more, at Enliven you can get specialised training programs, nutritional coaching and you can also get all of your organic, healthy food from them. The atmosphere at Enliven is friendly and encouraging, unlike most gym environments. I now enjoy training every day. The classes at Enliven are fun and varied and the perfect alternative for people (like me) who dislike traditional training at the gym. The classes are small enough to get personal attention which is something I really appreciate. I would strongly recommend Enliven Fitness to anyone who is looking to get fit and create healthier habits.

- Sara. L


"Welcoming, understanding, flexible and encouraging"

I have thoroughly enjoyed working out with Enliven over the past 3 years. I love the variety the classes offer, the patience of trainers and their personalised attention and motivation during class depending on your individual goals. I also appreciated their holistic approach to fitness, health and happiness and their generosity with their knowledge about nutrition and beyond. Kristy and Michael lead by example and are welcoming, understanding, flexible, and encouraging. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Enliven to anyone looking for a fitness solution with balance, perspective and sincere support.

- Natalia. M


"Why wouldn't you go to Enliven?"

I have a low boredom threshold that always makes training difficult, yet Enliven has managed to keep it interesting, and fun, for the 3 years that I have been going. In doing this, I have managed to loose 18kg in weight, and 2 dress sizes. People are constantly amazed at my age, due to the body I now have, which is the best I've had in 18 years, thanks to the combination of training and education on healthy eating. Why wouldn't you go to Enliven?

- Siobhan. E


"Live a life of wellness"

Having worked with a personal trainer closely for a year and developing a great relationship, when I moved away from that gym, I was really nervous about finding another trainer and gym that would give me the same feeling of community and support.

I actually just Googled 'Personal Trainers, Glebe' when I moved in to the area and I was so lucky that Enliven Fitness came up top in my search. I read all the reviews and all about the philosophy of Enliven Fitness and it appeared to be exactly what I was after - but you never know until you get there right?

I wasn't disappointed, I couldn't have felt more welcome and supported. Michael & Kristy and the rest of the team are an amazing group who do all that they can to help you live a life of wellness, they approach working with you across your whole life, not just how many reps you can do at what weight.

Enliven Fitness has a lot to offer and I'm so glad that I found them.

Michelle. L


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