Our no-motivation policy.

no motivation required


Did we get your attention? Allow us to explain.


We like motivation as much as the next person - for that pre-workout boost, a kick-in-the-pants to eat better, heck - even for getting up in the morning.

But in the long run? Relying on motivation to keep fit and healthy is downright unsustainable.


Motivation is finite. It waxes, wanes, and you eventually fall off the wagon. (Like most people, you’ve probably experienced this before. Maybe more than once!)


What’s better?




Loving your workouts, what you eat and how you live *so much* that you crave it - not donuts.


Motivation shouldn’t be required to get you through. You should feel inspired to workout!


Enliven Fitness is about fun, with a team atmosphere and community spirit that feels supportive, not sterile. Our workouts embrace curiosity, games, and the unexpected. We change up the scenery, encourage you to try new things (like salsa dance and hiking!) and help you find joy in movement.


Less motivation, more love… and far, far better results - for life.


That’s our 5 cents on motivation. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the studio!

Is kaizen the ultimate way to achieve your goals?

How the art of kaizen can help you


Are you one of those people who likes to go BIG?


Set lofty goals?


Create challenges for yourself that require herculean feats of strength, courage and commitment?


Run 10kms each morning, starting tomorrow.


Go to bed at 10pm, sharp.


Quit carbs cold turkey.


If so - how’s it working for you?


What’s that? I couldn’t hear through that slice of hot buttered sourdough…!


It’s true. Some (seriously enviable) people can focus with laser precision on their goals and work doggedly to make them happen. They’re steely. Determined. Unflappable.


But for the rest of us, these kind of grandiose goals set us up to fail.


Old habits die hard, overwhelm sets in and soon enough you’re filing that morning run under ‘temporary insanity’.


The effects on psychology ain’t great either.


Every time you ‘fail’ to achieve your goals, you feel hopeless, lazy, doomed - thus making it less likely that you’ll shoot for positive change in the future. This certainly isn’t the feeling you want to engender to create a healthy, happy, sustainable lifestyle you love.


Enter: Kaizen. A better way to set goals - and stick to them.


Kaizen is a Japanese word that - roughly translated - means very small but continuous change.


It’s like baby steps.


And even it’s tempting to make extravagant promises about eating perfectly, exercising religiously, meditating for hours - it’s better to go small.


Kaizen is the humble, but hugely effective way to achieve your goals.


Instead of waking up at 5am tomorrow, why not set your alarm for just one minute earlier than usual?


Rather than setting out to do 10 sets of 10 burpees, simply add one to your next workout.


Want to overhaul your diet? Start with adding one green vegetable to your breakfast.


Make tiny positive changes that set you up to SUCCEED.


Achieving them sets in motion a positive cycle of affirmation and action - small psychological boosts that make your big goals seem achievable - by breaking them down into miniscule chunks.


And before you think ‘LAAAAAME!’ remember that a 1% improvement each day - in your workout or workplace or food choices - represents a 100% improvement in just a few months.


We love this kind of philosophy at Enliven, because it’s the kind that sticks.


It allows people to sustain their fitness and health wins - not feel embattled or fatigued or overwhelmed with bootcamp-style drills and sudden changes that shock the system and ultimately don’t work.


That’s why we encourage you to be the tortoise, break it down, take it slow and harness the power of kaizen.


Not sure how to start? We’re always here to help you set goals and make a sensible plan. Simply give us a call or send an email to find out about the best fitness and health solution for you.


Otherwise, chat to us in the comments! Tell us how you’ve used small, manageable steps to achieve big goals.

Shift your Mindset to Improve your Weight Loss Results.



We’ve all been there.


Someone offers you a brownie at a staff party...and suddenly the diet’s off. You declare it as a cheat day and eat as much junk as possible before tomorrow. You wake up the next day surrounded by a junk food crime scene...biscuit crumbs and empty chip packets surround you, feeling bloated and guilty.


You feel like this pattern of binge eating will never end.


You wish you’d just stuck with one slice of cake! Because one slice wouldn’t have been so bad. You could’ve picked yourself up, sweated it out, and gotten on with life.


But instead, you ate all the things! And now you’re paying for it.

Where's Michael?

… you might be asking.


Some of you have noticed that I’ve been spending less time in the studio, and it’s time for a public confessional.


(No, no, I haven’t been hiding out in the back of an ice-cream van slurping soft serve and breaking all the rules of healthy living.)


I’ve taken a breather.




As the owner of a holistic lifestyle studio, maintaining integrity is part resolution, part duty and 100% non-negotiable. 


People’s health and well being is important to me and I feel as though Enliven fitness has room to expand. I am currently working on enhancing the level of service, satisfaction and results for you guys. 


Attaining that Elusive Life Balance

Have you always wanted to find that elusive sense of balance in your life? That togetherness that some people just have, but you have never quite found it yourself? Unfortunately it is all too common nowadays for people to deplete themselves in their busy daily lives to the point where a holiday is a must before a nervous breakdown occurs. Many live with a myriad of extreme behaviours, and a normal week may feel more like a rollercoaster of ups and downs rather than a pleasant stroll, therefore that sense of balance is never truely found. 

Living a balanced life takes a bit of work to get the scales sitting just right, where you are not overdoing it, not doing too little and not neglecting certain areas of your life. We all have different areas of our individual lives which need that bit of extra attention eg you may be the workaholic type that lets healthy eating habits slip, or you may ignore your need to rest by doing long hours with not enough rest. Whatever it is, you will know when your life is not in the flow by experiencing the following:



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