9 signs your body's reacting to dairy



And we don’t mean screaming for more ice cream.

We’re talking about subtle signs that dairy isn’t working for you - and why.


Before we list them, we want you to look deeply into our eyes.


This might be hard. You may experience emotional distress. Cheese withdrawals. Dairy denial.

Nobody wants to hear that their creamy morning latte or afternoon camembert is causing them grief. But it very well could be. And we want what’s best for you, OK? Stay strong, kid.

Kristy's Duck and Mango Summer Salad


This dish quacks summer. With seasonal, local and deliciously healthy ingredients, it's sure to impress at barbecues and picnics alike. 


A little bit fancy and a lot colourful, your post-Christmas palate will thank you!




For the duck:


- 4 organic/pastured duck marylands


- 1-2 tablspoons dried cranberries


- 1 medium onion sliced


- 2 Tbs apple cider vinegar


- Juice of 1/2 an orange


- zest of half an orange


- Tablespoon coconut oil

The food so bad America banned it.

know your fats


Banning trans fat: one small step for man, one giant leap for the health of humanity.


Finally! Proven toxic ingredients in the food supply are being put on trial, and found guilty.


If you don’t know what we’re on about, last week the US gave food manufactures 3 years to remove artificial trans fat from their foods. Or else.


This comes off the back of increasing evidence to suggest that trans fats are akin to poison. And everyone agrees (even the fuddy duddys who usually shake their heads and call it pseudoscience).


But if you were reading closely, you’d have noticed that we said, America. Not Australia, yet. We remain hopeful that our country will soon follow suit.


(Although there’s a sure fire way to avoid trans fats now - simply shun all processed foods!)


Still not sure why you should be concerned? Here’s a primer:


Feeling bad about holiday feasting? Read this first.



Are you sick of reading articles making you feel bad about enjoying yourself this Christmas? How to pass on the alcohol and sip water? Why to load up on salad and avoid those ‘rich, fattening, meaty dishes’ you’ve been waiting all year for?


Today, we’re relieving you of the guilt.

In fact, we’re giving you 10 reasons to revel in your Christmas Day spread.

Have you seen the latest food pyramid?

The latest NA food pyramid


“Enjoy a variety of food and be active every day”

This is the overarching principle in the latest revision of Nutrition Australia’s Food Pyramid.

Not bad, NA. Not bad.

But we’ve taken the liberty of adding an asterisk.

“Enjoy a variety of food and be active every day*”

So long as your food is sourced locally, ethically, organically and meets your unique biochemical needs. And as for being active? Do it in intelligent & meaningful ways, with respect for your personal goals.

Did you cast an eye over the latest dietary recommendations? (Shaped suspiciously like a triangle of Toblerone…?)



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