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7 non-negotiable health habits for modern humans

7 non-negotiable health habits


Hey, it’s Michael here.


I wanted to take a moment to answer a question I’m regularly asked in the studio: what are the most important core habits for better health?


The non-negotiables? The imperatives? The must-dos, in a modern world full of extra stressors, toxins and pressures?


Today, I want to share my personal (and professional) priorities with you.


1000 years ago, the activities listed here would probably seem silly. What do you mean I need to exercise to stay healthy? I’m walking, lifting, chopping and grinding all day. Gimme a break! (Direct quote from a caveman).


But now that we all exist in a hyper-connected, bright, all-hours, sedentary and chemically-laden state, it’s important to bring back the basics and get our health priorities straight.


My 7 non-negotiable habits for the modern human


1. Exercise daily


Back in The Day, we were all actively exercising - hunting, gathering, farming, heck - even washing clothes. Since the advent of smarter and smarter technology (albeit bad for our bodies), we all move far less. And it’s hurting us! In an ideal world, we’d all be moving about most of the day, with periods of higher intensity exercise thrown in for good measure. For the modern human? Keep up with your daily workouts, and try to fit in as much incidental exercise as possible - walking to the shops, cycling to work and standing to use your computer (but make sure your posture/alignment is on point).


2. Fix your posture and flexibility


I’ve written about this at length, so I won’t lecture you again! Read my position on posture, here. Also, why stretching is so much more than just being able to bend over and touch your toes.


3. PROPER self care (not just a few pages of a crappy gossip mag on a Sunday).


If you have trouble giving back to yourself, it’s time to change to change that. It’s not ‘selfish’ - making time to have a massage, take a bath, read, spend time alone and truly nurture your solo self is imperative for health.


4. Re-learn how to breathe - the RIGHT way.


The most fundamental human practice has become problematic. We’ve forgotten how to breathe! The way you breathe has implications for your posture, your stress levels, your digestion, your mental state and focus - even your risk of certain diseases. Re-learning how to breathe can be the simplest - and most revelatory - health hack. Not sure what’s involved? Ask us in the studio.


5. Filter your water


By now, you’ve heard the news: tap water is crap water. A cocktail of wacky chemicals and potential pathogens, it’s a modern must to hydrate healthily with pure, clean, filtered water.


6. Get 10 minutes of sunlight every day


Vitamin D is the new darling of the supplement industry, and deficiency is being blamed for everything from cancer to chronic skin conditions. Don’t be fooled - the best way to get it is STILL the sun. Enjoy 10 minutes of midday sun on as much exposed skin as possible - without scaring the neighbours.


7. Boost your nutrition


It’s getting trickier to acquire everything we need from diet alone. Use high-quality supplements judiciously, to super-charge your nutrition and prevent modern diseases, before they happen. We love high-quality Cod Liver Oil, grass-fed butter, probiotic-rich foods and collagen (like broths, stocks and stews).


These tips sound simple, but how many of us actually achieve them? Cement these 7 foundations BEFORE moving onto the fiddly stuff and you’ll be surprised what a huge difference they’ll make in your busy, modern life.



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Sick of working out? Try these 3 gentle tips for holistic health.

What does H O L I S T I C even mean
We throw that word around a lot, but what does it even mean?
To us, 'holistic' means: all-encompassing. Considering every facet. Giving love to the entire person, lifestyle and community. 
It's a word that offers perspective. A view of the bigger picture. If you want to get technical, the World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as;
 "A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."
Taking a holistic approach means stepping back. 
Gathering all the ingredients of human health: thoughts, movement, hydration, nutrition, rhythm and/or ritual and giving them equal attention. 
Holistic reminds us that there's NO magic habit or pill or food that will get us well, happy and healthy - rather, everything works together, when you let it.

Holistic is how we do fitness and what we aspire to in life.
So we've compiled 4 tips for well-rounded health for you to try, today. Enjoy!

The inconvenient truth about your computer.

Blue light enliven


What's more important than fitness & nutrition for living an awesome life?


(If you guessed 'a great hairdo', you'd be close. But fabulous follicles aren't exactly what I had in mind).


It's sleep.


From 10pm to 6am (or 7, if you're lucky).


Every night. On the regular. Snoozin' like royalty, waking rested & ready for action.


Not only does sleep 'defrag' your brain, it also facilitates healing, repair, hormonal and blood sugar balance. And the most incredible thing of all? Your body is governed, down to the last cell, by cycles of light & dark (more on this later).


We can all agree that good health begins and ends with shuteye.


But there's something posing a threat to this fundamental tenet of wellness (and it's not just the latest season of Game of Thrones).


A warning about multivitamins + our supplement philosophy.

Careful with that


Apologies for the dramatic subject line, but there's no getting around it. Taking too many (or the wrong types) of supplements is bad news.


According to: the news.


The latest research on multivitamins and other self-prescribed supplements has been released.


And it looks like those colourful 'broad-spectrum' pills, full of promises and Olympic endorsements, may actually contribute to diseases like cancer.




Is this you?


It’s so easy to breeze through your local health food store grabbing a multivitamin here, a hair mineral supplement there - and all the while thinking - these are good for me! (And, even if it IS all marketing hooey, they surely can’t be BAD).


But! The co-author of a recent study has this to say:


“We are not sure why this is happening at the molecular level, but evidence shows that people who take more dietary supplements than needed tend to have a higher risk of developing cancer,” Byers said in a statement released by the center.


Back awaaaaay from the B-complex.


Your 24-hour long weekend recovery plan


Running stairs 


Maybe you won't wake up tomorrow with legs longer than your bed and a torso transplant, but this 24 hour recovery template can help you feel slimmer, more motivated and ready to get back in the health saddle.


Here's what I do if I've overindulged. I've learned these tricks as a food & lifestyle educator and holistic PT, combined with the advice of brilliant local Naturopaths & Wellness Experts. They always help me - and our Enliven clients - start feeling better, pronto.


Important note: Be aware that your hunger signals are probably skewed. That sugary 4-day rollercoaster? Disasterous for blood glucose control. You may feel uncharacteristically peckish, gravitating towards sweet, carby foods. Know that it's chemical and will pass.


6:30am - Wake up, brush your teeth (use a tongue scraper if you have one), and drink a tall glass of filtered water, lemon & pinch of natural salt.


7am - If you don't feel like eating, don't. Intermittent fasting is a fabulous tool for resetting digestion and allowing your body's detoxification mechanisms to whirr & hum.  


7:30am - Sip tea. Chamomile or Peppermint soothes sore tummies. Or for a stronger therapeutic punch, go for Ovvio Organics Clear Lemon Fresh tea (ask us in the studio) to shed excess fluid & assist lower digestive function. 



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