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Have you ever felt guilty for ‘not going hard’ during a workout? Do you beat yourself up if you aren’t red-faced and gasping after a class? Is your philosophy go big or go home?

If so, you may be labouring under a false ideal.

Why the Swiss ball is your secret weapon for superhuman reflexes, core strength and injury prevention.

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Last week we received a question on Facebook about the above picture. Why is balancing on a swiss ball while doing a shoulder press beneficial?


[If you missed the post, check it out here.]


We answered in overzealous Enliven style, crafting a comment the length of a blog post and giving readers more info than they bargained for. It made for great discussion and spontaneous social media education - certainly worth sharing with our wider community.


So here it is! Read on to learn the fascinating science behind Swiss ball stability exercises - especially in concert with other movements.

Free community fitness challenge! ***Starts 16th Jan***



We're giving back to our community by running a 6 week community fitness challenge - FREE!


[Starts Monday 16th of Jan ‘til Sunday the 25th of Feb]


The catch? We need 50 people from Glebe, Ultimo, Chippendale or Pyrmont to do it with us.


What’s included?


✅ Up to 6 whole-body integrated workouts per week.

✅ Before & after photos.

✅ Before & after body measurements.

✅ A mini goal-setting session.

✅ Expert help in creating a healthy, long-term sustainable fitness plan you’ll love.

✅ Motivation from the whole enliven community!

✅ Improvements in more than just your fitness; master your posture, flexibility, stability and strength as well.

✅ Guaranteed awesomeness.

✅ A 50% discount off your 2nd fitness challenge, if you choose to take it.


Tell me more about the challenge!


It’s a totally FREE community fitness challenge for people living in Glebe, Ultimo, Chippendale and Pyrmont, run by Enliven Fitness.


We want to give you access to functional fitness with a community vibe!


Our secret motivation? To push back against gung-ho bootcamps, quick-fixes and inexpert fitness fads that can lead to injury (and don’t get you results in the long run). Plus, these go hand-in-hand with dietary restriction and shame-based fitness ideologies - which are zero fun and cause harm in the long-run. Enliven says no!


By giving you - and 49 other people in your community - the chance to experience truly holistic training for FREE, we hope to change 50 lives and start a revolution!


Is that too much to ask? Hell no! This is the kind of holistic fitness we espouse and enjoy every day, and it seems rude not to share it.


Want to take us up on the offer?


All you need to do is:


Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on 02 8203 4598 if you have any questions. (As long as we get 50 registered applicants, then it’s FREE for everyone).


Get excited!


Take the challenge!


Tell your friends!


Rope in your significant other!


Bring your mother!


Grab your grandma!


Get a work team together and see who can get the best results in 6 weeks!


Heck, tell your neighbours dog.


Holistic fitness is for everyone, and we'd love to have you on board.


Terms and conditions:


1. There’s a minimum of 50 registered participants for it to be free for all.

2. The free challenge is available to new members only.

3. You must be medically fit to exercise.

4. If less than 50 registered participants then regular fees apply.


Are you saying…? YES YES YES! SIGN ME UP!


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The anatomy of an Enliven workout.




Want to know what you’re in for when you train with us? Here’s the breakdown of an Enliven Workout.



We start with stretches and mobility work, helping open up your body and get limber! This is  the antidote to long days spent hunched at a desk - and is crucial to complete before your workout.



Here’s the part that’s often missed during regular gym classes - perfecting your moves. We spend time focusing on specific exercises - like deadlifts or pullups - to make sure you’ve nailed them. It’s vitally important that these moves are performed correctly, maximising your strength, fitness and results - and minimising risk of injury.



A fancy term for - ironing you out. Most people have muscular imbalances - but continue to train anyway. We dedicate time to correcting your posture, improving connective tissue (which supports your joints), strengthening your core and targeting your weaknesses - so they don’t become your injuries.



After all that suspense, you’re ready to fly! We give you a different focus each day - whether it’s strength, interval training, agility, cardio or endurance. You could be indoors or out. Moving solo, or with a partner. Whatever we have in store for you, know that it’ll be be fun, challenging and super satisfying!



(otherwise known as: showing up is better than smashing your PB)

We know you’re eager to get started. We know that going gung-ho makes you feel like a badass. But we also know that it’s best to go slow, as boring as it sounds.




If you’re new to training, have been out of action for a while or simply aren’t used to working out ‘the right way’, your body needs time to adjust. You’re at higher risk of depletion and injury if you jump in all guns blazing.


As well as that, the ‘extreme’ mindset tends to fizzle, fast. People who take small, meaningful steps in the direction of their goals are far more likely to achieve them. They have healthier expectations, feel like they’re winning, and fully integrate each habit along the way.


Spare yourself the myth of fierce, unintelligent exercise and embrace the holistic, sustainable path. You’ll thank us later!

Free community fitness challenge! ***Starts 16th Jan*** (2)



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