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  • It sounds cliché but its true: There really is no other place like Enliven! The team bring a high standard of service to everything they do: Their sessions are varied, interesting, challenging in the best possible way, and attuned to what each person needs; their awareness of the body’s innate capacity, vitality and wisdom is top notch; they are genuine in their passion for holistic health and wellness; and they walk their talk!

    Tenille. Z
  • We have been members at Enliven for over 18 months and cannot recommend them highly enough. Id had enough of the big gyms fleecing me for money while still getting no results, and since starting at Enliven were fitter and healthier than weve ever been. So much more than a boot camp, Enliven is a great community.

    Toby and Alyse. S
  • I was looking for something that would get the kgs off ASAP as I need quick results to keep me motivated! I have been taking 3 classes PW at Enliven for the last 3 weeks and have lost just over 5kgs…The workouts are excellent and whilst challenging, respectful of the limits of my body and current weight.

    Rob. B
  • Michael and Kristy operate friendly, completely unpretentious group training sessions which have increased my fitness, muscle tone and flexibility in a measurable way over a relatively short period of time. Their holistic approach to fitness and well being, with a deep knowledge base is unsurpassed in my experience of personal trainers

    Carl. R
  • Michael and the team at Enliven Fitness have a fantastic approach to health and fitness. I've tried a number of training groups and Enliven Fitness are the best by far. Each class is interesting and fun. The team at Enliven Fitness are true professionals and I recommend everyone try their classes to experience the difference

    Nigel B

The Enliven Way

The Enliven Way is our point of difference. We are not like a bootcamp and we are not like a regular gym, we are a one of kind holistic fitness and lifestyle centre like no other! 



At Enliven Fitness we are 100% dedicated to helping you achieve true and lasting health and fitness. Our ultimate aim is to enrich and ENLIVEN your life through health education and exercise training, and we will assist you in the journey to a more healthy, fit and vital you. In return, we want commitment and dedication from you, that your health is a priority.



Enliven Fitness is a unique holistic wellness studio, with professionals to help you balance out all aspects of your life to achieve the health and fitness you seek. We are not like a Boot Camp. We will not yell at you, and we will not give you repetitive routines with the same old exercises. We are not like a typical gym either, and this is something we are proud of. You will not become bored with our training, causing you to stagnate in your motivation and fitness. We are proud of the exciting and diverse programs we create.



We have small class sizes to maintain a personal connection with each client, ensuring you will receive the guidance and support that you deserve. At Enliven Fitness we value you as a client; you are not just a number in the system like at a large multi-national gym. We build lasting connections and friendships with our clients, and we highly value your participation and enthusiasm in our training.



Those who join the Enliven team become a part of our community. We support , uplift and motivate eachother to achieve what we have always dreamed of for our health and fitness. We build lasting friendships, and organise regular activities like social nights, group bush walks and competition days to keep this community spirit alive!



Training shouldn’t be boring! It shouldn’t be a chore! We always have fun in what we do. For us training is:

  • Our sanctuary. It is the one time we can focus completely on bettering ourselves.
  • It is a connection to our bodies, and the rebalancing of our minds.
  • It is excitement and exhilaration.
  • It is a connection to nature and the outdoors that many of us seldom experience during the average working week.
  • Exercise enriches our lives for the better!


 Become a part of the healthy Enliven Community today!


Contact Us



02 8203 4598

Acacia Gardens 327/308 Wattle Street Ultimo NSW

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